From Cancel Everything to Take Off That Mask!

I remember this article like it was yesterday:

CANCEL EVERYTHING - Yascha Mounk, Contributing writer at The Atlantic March 10, 2020

Do you head a sports team? Play your games in front of an empty stadium.

Are you organizing a conference? Postpone it until the fall.

Do you run a business? Tell your employees to work from home.

Are you the principal of a school or the president of a university? Move classes online before your students get sick and infect their frail relatives.

Are you running a presidential campaign? Cancel all rallies right now.

All of these decisions have real costs. Shutting down public schools in New York City, for example, would deprive tens of thousands of kids of urgently needed school meals. But the job of institutions and authorities is to mitigate those costs as much as humanly possible, not to use them as an excuse to put the public at risk of a deadly communicable disease.

On May 14, 2021, the same writer said in his Substack newsletter Persuasion:

TAKE OFF THAT MASK - If you are fully vaccinated, the time to resume normal life is now.

It's time to stop. Over the past year, we have had to make all kinds of adjustments to our everyday lives to combat a deadly pandemic. The reason to take these actions was to save lives, not to adopt a superior lifestyle or show off our virtue. For those of us who are fully vaccinated, those actions are—at least until the situation changes, as it one day might with the emergence of new variants—no longer necessary. If a restaurant or coffee shop requests that you wear a mask, do so. But when and where possible, it is time to resume normal life.

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Bookends to the pandemic?

Apparently not. People still want everything to be canceled and many others aren’t ready to take off their masks - for many reasons.This being the most bizarre:

Are you still wearing a mask? If so, why?

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